Ford Servicing

Ford Servicing

The key to any reliable vehicle, is its service history. Here at C1-R we understand this, so we use the most up to date Ford service schedules, the best lubricants and genuine parts. We found servicing was being skipped and a lot of cars not maintained on the 12500miles or 12 month time recommendation. To help this we worked hard with our suppliers and have driven down the prices as best as we can so that servicing your high performance Ford is now far cheaper and easier. Please see our latest 2016 Ford service pricing, feel free to download them and refer back to them so that your car stays well serviced.

Ford Clutch Replacement

Ford Clutch Replacement

To keep things simple we have a special offer price of £350.00 inc vat which covers all the labour of clutch replacement, Oils which is Millers CRX 75w90NT for the gearbox where needed.

Popular Clutch options are

Ford Factory Clutch £220.00

ACT Organic Clutch £499.00

Xtreme Single Organic £1224.00

Then flywheels

Standard Ford £459.00


Ford Brake Replacement

Ford Brake Replacement

There is a huge choice of brakes for the Ford range. We have tried and tested pretty much everything on the market at some point so have the experience to advise from first hand experience rather than selling any old product. It is all listed out so you can pick and choose what you require. They will all be listed in the shop pages.

Front Brake Pads Replacement Labour £60.00

Front Brake Pads and Discs Replacement Labour £90.00

Rear Brake Pads Replacement Labour £60.00

Rear Brake Pads and Discs Replacement Labour £90.00

Recommended Standard Brake Pads

Brembo Front Pads £42.00

Brembo Rear Pads £43.50

Recommended Fast Road Brake Pads

Endless MX72 Front Pads £215.00

Endless MX72 Rear Pads £215.00

Endless MX72 Front and Rear Pads £380.00

Recommended Standard Brake Discs

Front Plain Discs £79.00

Rear Plain Discs £79.00

Recommended Fast Road Brake Discs

Ross Sport Front Grooved Discs £99.00

Ross Sport Rear Grooved Discs £99.00

PF Front 2-Piece Discs £525.00

PF Rear 2-Piece Discs £525.00

Hel Braided Hoses £66.00

Castrol Brake Fluid £54.00 Per Litre

Endless SF650 £60.00 Per Litre

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