B-G Racing Modular Scale Pad Levellers




A key component of the B-G Racing modular scale system, these Scale Pad Levelling Trays are produced from mild steel with a powder coated finish and feature 4 high quality steel swivel feet with 75mm of adjustment to ensure complete accuracy. The feet can also be removed for ease of storage and transportation.

Suitable for use with 2.5” to 3” scale pads and designed for the B-G Racing Modular Scale Pad Roll Off Platforms to attach to (BGR353).

• Suits 2.5” to 3” scales
• Suitable for use with the B-G Racing Modular Roll Off Platforms
• High strength mild steel
• Removable swivel feet with adjustment
• Set of 4
• Loading Capacity (W.L.L.) 680kg – 1496lb per tra

Material Mild Steel
Finish Powder Coated
Height (H) 70mm – 2.76”
Width (W) 415mm – 16.33”
Length (L) 415mm – 16.33”
Nett Weight 5.4kg – 11.88lb per tray
Loading Capacity (W.L.L.) 680kg – 1496lb per tray



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