DNA Racing Rear Adjustable Torsion Bar ø 20x3mm Kit



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  • Applications: FORD FIESTA MK7 and MK7.5 from 2008 (ST included)
  • Weight: 2,6 kg

This kit allows to increase the rigidity of the system making the attitude of the vehicle much more “flat” and much more responsive to direction changes.The torsion bar is adjustable and allows to obtain more or less over steering depending on driving style and on circuit characteristic.

This product is the only one on the market and has been developed by us together with some other famous FORD tuners after long road, track and competition tests. The design of this kit is very similar to the WRC car. The use of this kit will eliminate completely the under steering tendency when approaching a turn and, in this way, it will allow very quick steering response. In general the use of bigger anti-roll bars is used to improve the overall performance of the vehicle while maintaining a “much flatter set up” reducing the roll angle during cornering. Moreover, fitting a bigger torsion bar, allows the previously described results without the need to use very hard springs which would negatively effects comfort and performance on uneven ground. This kit includes tie rods composed by motorsport rodends, related protections against dirt, which ensure durability on normal road use too, and bar supports are fitted with Nylon with zero backlash bearings, the only one on the market.


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