Lazer Lamps Carbon-20


What’s included:
– x1 Carbon-20 LED Lamp
– x1 Universal Single Lamp Mount (0061-SLM)
– x1 Neoprene Impact Cover

Product Code: 00C20-Comp

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The ultimate motorsport lighting solution. The Carbon-20 measures just under a metre in length but weighs less than 1.4kg, and with a light output from 20 high intensity LEDs that delivers usable light to over 1350m, this really is a next generation lighting system for the most uncompromising requirements of motorsport professionals and enthusiasts.

Combined with ultra-reflective vacuum-metallised boost optics, the high intensity LEDs in the Carbon-20 produce a perfectly homogenous ‘spot’ beam pattern that can be quickly and easily tuned to individual requirements by utilising Lazer’s range of Reeded Lenses. Furthermore, through extensive testing and feedback at the very highest levels of rally, track, and off-road motorsports, the colour temperature of the LEDs has been carefully selected to provide maximum definition and sharpness. The unique design of both the housing and internal electronics, which includes rear facing LEDs, provides greater light utilisation, reduced scatter, and better distribution of light including during heavy braking and acceleration.

Despite the hugely impressive lighting performance, it is through ground-breaking advances in material design and engineering that the Carbon Series really stands apart from all other lighting solutions. A full carbon-fibre housing provides for an ultra-lightweight construction, and a power/weight ratio never seen before in automotive lighting. While extremely durable, Carbon Fibre doesn’t benefit from the same high conductivity of traditional aluminium LED lamps, in this regards particular care has been taken to optimise the heatsink on the underside of the lamp to maximise heat dissipation while keeping weight down and drag coefficient low.

Product Features:

  • Ultra lightweight, carbon-fibre housing
  • Next generation high intensity LED technology to achieve maximum range
  • Highly reflective, vacuum-metallised reflector system
  • Carefully selected LED colour temperature maximises sharpness and definition
  • Compatible with Lazer’s Reeded Lens to modify the beam pattern
  • CAE optimised heatsink requires minimal airflow to maintain 100% light output
  • Electronic thermal management
  • Low profile design for improved aerodynamic performance
  • Fitted with male/female Binder connectors
  • Supplied with Universal Single Lamp Mount and Neoprene Impact Cover
  • ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens
  • IP67 watertight
  • 5-year warranty
  • Designed & manufactured in Britain


Voltage Range 9-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours
Optical Efficiency 96%
Weight 1370 gr
Total Luminous Flux 22550 Lm
Number of High Output LEDs 20
Power Consumption 220 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 15.3 Amps
Width 933 mm
Depth 82 mm
Height 70 mm
0.25 lx Line 2950 metres
0.5 lx Line 2086 metres
1 lx Line 1475 metres
3 lx Line 851 metres


Additional information



Reeded Lens

No, Reeded Lens (Variable) – Horizontal – Carbon Series, Reeded Lens (15 Degrees) – Horizontal – Carbon Series, Reeded Lens (30 Degrees) – Horizontal – Carbon Series


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