Revo Software Stage 1 Ford Focus ST Euro 6 2015


                                                  Power                                    Torque

Stock                                       247bhp                                 265lbft

Revo Stage 1 Software     from 272bhp to 283bhp     from 331lbft to 365lbft

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Stage 1| Euro6

Performance Software

The standard 2.0T engine isn’t particularly slow however driving a Revo Stage 1 Focus ST really puts into perspective how much unused potenitial the standard car has. The car revs with greater urgency, using full throttle there’s a push in the back from the new found torque. Power delivery is smooth and progressive; this car eats the road up in a way you wouldn’t expect.

The Revo tuning philosophy really shows through when driving the ST, this is tuning for the real world giving you useable power and torque.

Power Graphs

Stock vs Stage 1 – Power BHP Chart*

Stock vs Stage 1 – Torque NM Chart*

* All graphs produced with Shell V Power Pump Fuel

Software Features


Assisted launch recognises when the car is stationary and engages a 2700 RPM hard limit to help you launch your vehicle. A torque limit in 1st gear will also aid you with traction.



The standard RPM limit has been raised to 7000 RPM to access more power from the engine.


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