Mitsubishi Restoration

Mitsubishi Restoration

The Evo is getting near to being in the realm of being eligible for classic car insurance and as such, some of these cars have been on the UK roads without having any work to look after them for nearly 20 years. Unfortunately a few have gone to the big scrap yard in the sky, Others have been saved. Generally we find that theres 4 categories of repair/protection/restoration needed. Please see the below tabs for further explanation*

* Every car is different and need assessing on a individual basis so please book in for your free body check where we can give you a individual quote and all jobs are done on a time taken basis so the times quoted on the website may be less if there is less work required. 

Basic Underseal and Cavity Wax

THIS IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE! This is for customers who just want either a top up of protection on their existing underseal or for cars which don’t need a huge amount of work. They still get a light clean and inspection but with black waxoyl as opposed to the Ultra Clear underseal and the all important cavity wax.


Light Clean, Cavity Wax and Ultra Clear Underseal

THIS IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE! can carry this level of protection out on something with a near new shell which has been kept clean or they are freshly imported. Can be just cleaned,all the plastics removed and the exhaust if needed, where there is no rust or rot and then the cavities will get a thick internal coating of cavity wax and then undersealed using our special ultra clear underseal.

Extensive Clean, Cavity Wax and Underseal

THIS IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE! This is for cars which have average amounts of surface rust however not rotten. The rust can be rubbed back easily, etch primed and painted if needed and then the whole car needs extensive cleaning with the plastic arches and covers removed also exhaust if in the way. Black waxoyl is probably the best option as it incorporates a rust converter element to protect areas and then the cavities will get treated internally.


Severe Repair of Rot and Full Protection

THIS IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE! This is for a car which is repairable but which has Heavy rust, Rot on rear chassis legs around rear suspension pick up points. These require fuel tank, diff and all suspension to be lowered to allow for access to cut out the effected area and slowly and painstakingly reconstruct the effected areas to retain the original shape, strength and appearance. They will get plated in several layers if needed and all linished back so that you can not see the repair.  These require extensive undersealing and cavity protection. Following that a full wheel alignment. As with all the other levels of underfloor prep we do it will need inspecting before we start to gauge how far we need to go or even if repairing the damage is financially viable.


Complete Rebuild and Custom Restoration

THIS IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE!  Over the years we have completed several full rebuilds some being concours and others are partial restorations. This is the kind of job we love and take huge pride in.  They start off having the complete body shell stripped then sent only 5 miles up the road to our friends at SPL to have the whole shell chemically dipped. The shell is then returned to us for inspection and repair as the process exposes everything and comes back in complete bare metal. If needed modifications, roll cages, or repairs are carried out at this point. We then send the shell back for it to be Electrophoretic coated. Then the whole rebuild process begins. As we worked on the Evo’s when they first came into the country we are a well placed authority to rebuild them to concours brand new specification like the drove off the factory line. We go to the extent of getting all bolts electroplated int he original colour, all body shells painted and sealed to factory spec. We can repair if needed, modify and get the other components either power coated, painted or blasted to provide the required finish. It really is a open ended process and is very much down to how far you would like to go. The engine, transmission can be rebuild to standard spec and prepared to exacting standards and originallity. On the flip side of this we can prepare full competition car standard. Whether it is a trackday based, one off unique build all the way to full race cars to GpA/R4 spec  Evos for modern day competition.

Please get in touch for further info and to talk about any projects you may have.