Endless MX72 Front Mercedes A45 AMG Brake Pads EIP230


Pad shape part number: EIP230

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Compound information
MX72 is the ultimate street ceramic-carbon-metallic compound developed for extreme speeds and power. MX72 is our latest development with lots of technology and effort in it to cope the demands of a extreme street compound. It is suited for use in a power brake system with or without ABS and EPS. The MX72 is a high heat resistance compound which can also be used for circuit racing, like a sports car club race day so there is no need to change pads for such an event. The initial bite and response is excellent even at very high speed like 250-300 km/h and so also the pedal feel and brake balance. Yet after all this MX72 decreases disc wear, has near OE low dust and noise levels.

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Pad Compound

ME20, N35S, N40S


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