Endless N35S / N39S / ME20 / N45S Front Evo 10 Brembo VO Caliper Brake Pads RCP108


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ME20 Brake Pads

ME20 is a semi-metallic compound, developed for racing and rally. It is a step up initial bite and is more “straight-forward” with regards to brake power. Originally developed for BTCC Super Touring cars where you have high traction afforded by suspension setup and tire compounds. The pedal feel and brake power is excellent and equal across the speed range with an easy modulation in all instances. With ME20 it is possible to perform very hard and late braking into corners. As with the friction and bite the ME20 is a step up in heat resistance compared to the ME22 and it has shown a very good stable brake performance at high disc temperatures over 650 °C. The wear characteristics of both pads and discs are low, and for cold weather and wet conditions it retains the same excellent resistance to water fade.

ME & N series

N35S has a slightly higher initial bite than ME25 and represents straighter line between initial bite and brake power. It is still easy to control and a special characteristic is that driver can initiate light braking with a slight touch of the pedal and then directly continue into a hard braking manoeuvre with high pedal pressure if it is requested. The lock up tendencies is low and it has the same easy modulation as ME25. N35S has proved to be very well balanced in both wet and dry conditions, which has made it very popular in rallying for both tarmac and gravel. It is also excellent for race cars with a very high traction and down force. This compound is very much liked by drivers that prefers not to use such a high pedal pressure and would like to have a quick initial bite and in that way keep the overall speed up and a good rhythm of driving. The high heat resistance is the same as ME20 and ME25, and so are the low disc and pad wear characteristics.


ME & N series

N39S shares many properties with N35S but has a step higher initial bite and better performance while modulation is still very good. Also, this compound gives a quicker response and builds up the friction exceptionally well starting at cold temperatures. N39S has excellent
temperature resistance and will show low pad wear.


  • Friction: 0,42-0,52μ
  • Heat levels: 0-850°C


ME & N series

N45S is a compound with a very high initial bite. It is a good step up from N35S and has an exceptional response. The brake power itself is also elevated so the difference between initial bite and maximum brake power is shorter than N35S. The modulation is still good and controllable, and gives a good brake balance. The compound is suitable for high-speed race cars with a very good traction and down force, but has also shown itself to be usable to achieve extreme braking power in WRC Rally cars. Even in wet conditions it has a great pedal feel, and it lets the driver keep a good rhythm of driving. The very high initial bite enables the driver to stay shorter periods of time on the pedal, which is also a good way to reduce disc temperatures. N45S is like the other compounds, gentle to the discs, has a low wear and does not create heat cracks or other disc problems.


  • Friction: 0,48-0,55μ
  • Heat levels: 300-800°C

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N35S, N39S, ME20, N45S


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