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A direct replacement for the IHI Turbo found on 2.0 TSI EA888 GEN3 engines, the IS38ETR is an enhanced version of the OEM IS38 housing, providing over 45% more flow capability offering the potential of over 500HP. Revo Hardware and Software are the key to achieving this performance and have been developed to work in harmony with the ETR upgrade.

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Beautifully Simple, Devastatingly Fast.

The Revo IS38ETR Enhanced Turbo offers exhilarating performance like no other. With over two years of extensive development and global testing, Revo offers a reliable package capable of over 500HP without the need to upgrade engine internals or DSG clutches.

Only Revo Enhanced Turbos are specifically designed to work in harmony with your vehicle and Revo Software. Engineered to directly replace the stock turbo, the Revo IS38ETR is a high-quality upgrade, precision balanced to levels above OEM specification to improve performance and ensure reliability.

A direct replacement for the IHI Turbo found on 2.0 TSI EA888 GEN3 engines, the IS38ETR is an enhanced version of the OEM IS38 housing, providing over 45% more flow capability offering the potential of over 500HP. Revo Hardware and Software are the key to achieving this performance and have been developed to work in harmony with the ETR upgrade.

  • Capable of 500HP +
  • 45% More Flow Capacity
  • Bespoke uprated bearing system
  • Enhanced compressor and turbine wheels
  • Designed in harmony with Revo Software

Turbo Features

The high-performance Revo IS38ETR offers a significant upgrade over the stock IS38 whilst maintaining the original fitment and compressor and turbine housings. The compressor and turbine housings have been CNC re-profiled to match the larger wheels and stronger shaft, also allowing room for a bespoke heatshield matched to the increased internal diameters. Strength is a key factor to the IS38ETR, a replacement back-plate machined from a billet piece offers a greater resistance to warping. The larger bearing housing has also been upgraded to make room for a specifically designed bearing system, incorporating a reinforced thrust bearing. Precision balanced to levels above the OEM specification reduces vibration to the lowest possible level and improves performance and reliability of the turbocharger.

Compressor Wheel

The stronger construction of the compressor wheel, which is machined from solid billet aluminum, features a slimmer nose, hub and back design along with thinner longer blades and tapered tips. This lightweight construction of the compressor wheel ensures low inertia, in turn increasing performance. The 3D image shows both the compressor wheel (larger) with turbine wheel and shaft.



Turbine Wheel And Shaft

The precisely engineered turbine wheel and shaft provide sufficient power to the compressor, converting the engine exhaust gas into mechanical energy to drive the compressor, without the need to cut back blades or compromise efficiency. Incorporating a larger diameter shaft provides increased strength and durability at high power levels.








Integrated Recirculation System

The integrated recirculation valve is fundamentally a blow-off valve integrated into the compressor housing. When the throttle valve is closed and the pressure in the inlet drops, the valve opens and air from the discharge side of the compressor is diverted back into the inlet of the compressor. This helps to avoid the compressor going into surge.








Turbo Muffler Delete

The Revo Turbo Muffler Delete offers a high-quality single piece replacement for the OEM part which allows for smoother uninterrupted air flow, increasing throttle response and providing improved turbo acoustics. Its single-piece design allows air a more direct path when exiting the turbo, smoothing flow to offer enhanced throttle and boost response. This part comes complete with a high-temperature gasket to ensure a secure seal when installed.






Research And Development

Utilising decades of experience in software calibration and precision turbo engineering, Revo is proud to offer a package that provides the performance you demand and the reliability you expect.

The IS38ETR forms one part of this package; with all available Revo hardware and software having been designed and tested to work in harmony to achieve exhilarating performance that only the driven demand; the result of an extensive two-year development, testing and prototyping programme.

The aim from the outset was to achieve a balance of top end power and bottom end response, without having to forge internals and where possible, avoid upgrading any of the fuel systems. Combining extensive turbocharger manufacture experience with Revo’s industry-leading ECU calibration and hardware design, we have been able to achieve incredible performance results without compromising on component reliability or engine longevity. Every turbo is balanced precisely to ensure performance and turbo acoustics.

Global Development Programme

With over two years of exhaustive testing utilising our in-house facilities and test vehicles, the IS38ETR has carried out thousands of miles on a multitude of platforms; and development didn’t stop there. The package was introduced into the Revo Global Development Programme to ensure consistency in varying conditions and climates. Fitted to over eighty vehicles worldwide, the package has been tested in a wide range of scenarios and conditions, from Russian winters to South African summers, race tracks to daily driving, to ensure ultimate performance, reliability and power.



Performance Gains

The following testing was carried out on a VW Golf MK7 R running stock engine and fuel system, on Shell Power 99ron Pump fuel. Revo Stage 3 ECU & DSG Software installed, fitted with a Revo Carbon Series Air Intake System, Revo Intercooler, Revo Intercooler Pipe Upgrade kit and a 200-cell sports cat downpipe and exhaust

The Revo IS38ETR offers significant performance gains over any stock turbo setup, with peak gains of 171HP at the hub and 185NM torque over a stock IS38 VW Golf R. That’s over 450HP at the hubs and maximum increases of 173HP @6500rpm and 215NM @2800RPM, all recorded on a Dynapack Hub Dyno. However, over the two years of global development, numerous vehicles have been run on various dyno types, running between 470 to 520BHP, depending on dyno setup, hardware and fuel quality.


Additional Products

Upgrading the airflow to the Revo IS38ETR is a key part to achieve the maximum performance, specifically designed products to remove restriction and allow a smoother uninterrupted air flow. The Revo IS38ETR machined turbo inlet increases the inlet size to match the new profile of the compressor housing. The machined inlet can be used with either the Revo silicone inlet hose or the Carbon Series lid and enlarged 100mm hose.

Machined Turbo Inlet

The Revo machined inlet replaces the restrictive plastic OEM inlet elbow. The machined billet aluminium inlet securely fits the IS38ETR using locking tabs and integrated O-rings. With almost double the cross-sectional area compared to other available products, air can stabilise and distribute before a smooth tapered transition to the turbo. Removing the internal steps between components further ensures uninterrupted airflow and removes any unnecessary turbulence.







Silicone Inlet Hose

The Revo turbo hose as an increased inner diameter that gradually tapers from airbox to turbo to optimise airflow, while maintaining the tolerances required to fit both LHD and RHD vehicles with a standard airbox. Designed to directly replace the plastic hose and turbo elbow, this upgrade reduces restriction and maximises smooth airflow.








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Revo IS38ETR – Turbo Exchange, Revo IS38ETR – Non Turbo Exchange


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